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Child Placement Circuit

The University of Leeds runs a 3-year degree programme for child nursing.

The programme is approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and includes a number of experiences which students must undertake successfully to become a 'Registered Nurse' (RN). Nursing experience is gained in a variety of places, from community settings to wards and neonatal care.

The programme's clinical experience is part of the semester structure, with 1-5 days in practice each week at different times of the year. This allows for integration with academic work and continued contact with the University, but also for more sustained periods in practice to gain and consolidate skills.

Students will receive a wide variety of placement experience within hospital, community and private, independent and voluntary organisations. The programme handbook contains the relevant placement information.

Specialist Circuit

Please see the Specialist Circuit page to be considered for a placement in a specialist placement area.