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PA / PS - Contacts & Information for Student Issues

Who do I contact?

If my student is off sick or absent...
For University of Leeds students please ring the absence line and leave a recorded message on 0113 3431357 or send an e-mail to If you would like to speak to someone direct please call the Practice Placement Unit on 0113 3431375.

For Leeds Beckett University students please contact 8121914

If I am concerned about my student's behaviour or their capability to successfully complete the placement...
Your Clinical Liaison lecturer will be the best person to contact in the first instance. You should have a poster with their details. If you are unsure, or they are unavailable, contact the practice placement unit team who will then pass on any messages. Students should also be able to provide their practice assessor / practice supervisor with the name and contact details of their academic assessor or programme lead at the start of a placement.

If I feel I have too many students or cannot manage the student(s)...
Please contact your practice learning facilitators, if in doubt please contact the practice placement unit team  who will be able to assist.

If my contact details change...
If you act as a practice assessor / practice supervisor for the University of Leeds or Leeds Beckett University students and your details change i.e. you change your name or your place of work, you need to inform the appropriate person in your organisation such as the practice learning facilitator or educational lead who will then amend the practice assessor / practice supervisor register.

Reporting Injuries & Emergencies
Please read the process for Reporting Injuries and Emergencies in the Information section of this website.

Managing perceived or unsafe or dangerous practice
Please read the relevant documentation on Managing Perceived Unsafe or Dangerous Practice in the Information section of the website.