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Link my MYEPAD to my Practice Assessor

Your Practice Assessor is able to view any evidence within your MYEPAD via this link. They will also be able to sign off your Assessment of Proficiencies, Professional Values, complete  your interviews etc.

How to share your MYEPAD with your Practice Assessor (Downloadable guide)

Download and use Pebble Pocket

Pebble Pocket is  available for smart devices, that has forms you can use to record evidence such as a shift or record of working with others, collect patient/service user/carer feedback when you do not have access to your MYEPAD. These forms are verifiable by the practitioner you are working with and when sent via wifi, go straight to your MYEPAD asset store ready to be linked to the relevant rosette.

Upload a File and link it to a rosette

Remember your Practice Assessor can only view items within your MYEPAD, not your asset store, so anything completed within a MYEPAD tab and saved will be visible to your Practice Assessor. However any evidence you have collected outside of the MYEPAD such as, weekly time sheets, evidence from Practice Supervisors or other healthcare professional who do not have access to your MYEPAD so you have completed one of the downloadable word documents, or other evidence such as reflections, work undertaken in class etc will need to be added to your MYEPAD asset store and then linked to relevant rosettes within your MYEPAD to enable the Practice Assessor to view them.

Link an external data storage service to MYEPAD e.g OneDrive

You may store your academic work and evidence via your university OneDrive rather than the university M drive. This is how you link this storage area to your MYEPAD so you can link evidence to the relevant rosettes.

Fill in the Worked hours and Absence sheet

How to record your worked hours weekly sheet and any absences. Each weekly sheet adds up your hours for the week. The first section of the video is how you fill these forms in as a student and the last section from slide 13) is how your Practice Assessor verifies each shift and the weekly total of worked hours.

You are not allowed to claim break time so these need to be removed from your total hours. The normal shift patterns are

Short shift – Early or Late – in 8 hours on shift, with 30 min break so 7 hours and 30 mins claimed

Long shift – either a day or night shift – 12 hours and 30 mins on shift, with 1 hour break, so 11 hours and 30 mins claimed.

Please note that 11 hours and 30 mins in the maximum number of hours you can claim for a shift, this is because of the number of hours you need to have off between the end of one shift and the beginning of another.

Complete the Placement details and Orientation tab

These tabs need to be completed on the first day of your placement. The Orientation tab needs to be completed for each area you visit during the placement block. Additional orientation forms can be downloaded using the downloadable forms below and then need to be uploaded and attached to the relevant rosette.

Complete the Initial Interview

This video shows you how to complete the initial interview from a student, Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor perspective. Your Initial interview can be undertaken with your Practice Supervisor or Practice Assessor and should be completed in week 1 of your placement whether that is in your Hub or spoke placement.

How to share your MYEPAD with your Practice Assessor

Process of Practice Assessment

Overview of Professional Behaviours All Parts

Overview of MYEPAD Proficiencies all parts

Downloadable Forms

Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor Information