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Contacts for Student Support

The universities use a variety of models to ensure students are provided with support while on placement.

The Practice Placement Unit (PPU) can offer support to students in a variety of ways, including queries about allocations, information governance training and uniforms. Please contact PPU on  For Leeds Beckett University students:

The Director of Practice attached to each University placement unit has the overall responsibility for practice placements and can offer support where necessary. In the first instance please contact the Practice Placement Unit who will refer your query to the relevant Director.

Each practice area has a clinical Liaison Lecturer based either at the University of Leeds or Leeds Beckett University. They are qualified in the relevant discipline and keep in touch with the clinical area. They can be called upon to offer help and advice relating to clinical staff, students and practice assessors. There will be a poster in your clinical area which states who the Liaison Lecturer is, you can also find out who they are and their contact details when you log in to the website to get your allocations. If you still unsure please contact the Practice Placement Unit.

The School of Healthcare Student Support is central to the School of Healthcare, University of Leeds's commitment to ensuring a positive and fulfilling experience for its students. The School of Healthcare Student Support is responsible for overseeing the provision of support for all students in the School, and particularly for coordinating additional support for students struggling with academic work or personal difficulties. Students may be referred to the School of Healthcare Student Support by their personal tutor or a member of the programme team, but, more importantly, all students have direct access to the School of Healthcare Student Support.  Please contact:

School of Healthcare Student Support  Email:


The Occupational Health Service offers a service to all students, Occupational Health team



NHS Student Bursary
For students who are eligible to claim for reimbursement of expenses for practice placement travel and accommodation from the NHS Bursary, as a direct result of attending a clinical placement, please be aware that you cannot claim for expenses that are over six months old.

The NHS Bursary contract is between the student and the NHS Bursary and the School is not responsible for students who have claims over six months old.  Further guidance can be found on the NHS Bursary website: