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Transition to New Standards & Online Update Tool

Resources for Liaison Lecturers (SSSA)

As you are probably aware, the NMC has been undertaking a process of reviewing and developing new standards for all NMC approved education programmes including:
• Pre- registration nursing
• Pre – registration midwifery
• Nursing Associates
• Non - medical prescribing.

In addition, the NMC (2008) Standards for Supporting Learning and Assessment in Practice (SLIP) are being replaced with NMC (2018) Standards for Students Supervision and Assessment (SSSA).
These are the standards that replace current models of placement supervision and assessment using mentors and practice teachers with new roles including:
• Practice Supervisor
• Practice Assessor
• Academic Assessor
(See NMC website for more information: )
You can read more about the transition processes and timeline across the Leeds circuit below -but essentially there will be a period where students from both universities are “running out” on the old programmes and standards (i.e. require mentors) whilst some students will be on the new standards and programmes. The student practice assessment documents will reflect the programme standards and model of supervision and assessment that the student requires.

Guidelines - Transition to New Nursing and Midwifery (NMC) Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (SSSA)

Online - MYPLG Core Practice Assessor Update Tool